General Rules

1. Please pick up your child on time. We are not responsible for any voluntarily departures.

2. No screaming or annoying noises are allowed during lessons.

3. Visitors and parents are advised not to enter the studios un less invited by Balletbean Dance Academy.

4. Balletbean Dance Academy will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of the student’s belongings.

5. No eating or drinking in the dancing rooms. Also, please switch off pagers and/or mobile phones while in the dancing rooms.

6. According to Business Insurance <<Third Party Liability Accident Insurance>>, Balletbean Dance Academy will be responsible for any injuries during lesson time while inside the Balletbean Dance Academy studio. We would not be responsible for any injuries outside of the Balletbean Dance Academy studio.

7. The school reserves the right to change the course instructor, the time, the venue, and the content without prior notice.

Uniform and Student Handbook

  1. All students need to wear the uniform specified by Balletbean Dance Academy when attending the lessons.
  2. All students should wear appropriate dancing shoes when entering dancing rooms.
  3. Girls with long hair (beyond shoulders) need to tie up their hair during lesson.
  4. Students are required to wear appropriate size and type uniform for examinations or performances.
  5. All students should place their student card and handbook at the reception counter before every lesson. An administrative charge of HK$50 will be required for a re-issued handbook.
  6. The handbook has to be renewed annually.

Attendance & Performance

  1. Students are required to be ready 15 minutes before classes begin.
  2. Students late by more than 15 minutes may not be allowed to enter the studios.
  3. Students who knowingly will be absent from class, please call the school Guest Relationship Officer 3 hours before the lessons start.
  4. The instructors reserve all rights concerning examinations and/or performances.
  5. An administrative charge of HK$50 will be collected for each application of reference.
  6. Student should present the handbook when attending the lesson.
  7. No classes will be held on school holidays and no make up will arranged. Please refer to the School Holiday Chart for details.

Change of Class Schedule

Please consult our staff for changing lesson schedule. An administration charge of HK$80 will be assessed for any application after Nov 1.

Enforced Closures

  1. Classes will proceed as usual during an amber storm signal, a red storm signal, or a typhoon signal number 3; there is no refund or make-up class if a student does not attend during the aforementioned listed weather conditions as it will be considered a parental decision to attend or not.
  2. Classes will be cancelled when a black storm signal or a typhoon signal no.8 or above is hoisted. No refund, nor make up classes will be available for the cancelled lesson(s).

Make-up Class

  1. Students who are absent due to illness or school activities are required to show a valid notification. (e.g sick leave notice, school notices etc.) in order to be arranged make up classes. Make up classes will not be arranged if students fail to do so.
  2. No refund will be made for any absence from a personal reason or the student deciding to quit.
  3. A make-up class must be made within 30 days and course fee period.
  4. For those who attend one lesson per week, they are eligible to arrange one free make up class in that month. Also, for those who attend two lessons per week, they are eligible to arrange two free make up class in that month.
  5. Students who would like to rearrange the other make up classes should pay $30 for administration fee per lesson.

Termination of The Class

  1. We assume that your child will continue with classes from month to month unless you notify us of the student’s withdrawal one month in advance in writing.
  2. Please hand in a completed “Class Withdrawal/Suspension Request Form” in person one month prior to the date of your child’s leaving, or the school fees will be charged as usual.
  3. If you withdraw your child during the semester, you must inform the School in writing at least 30 days in advance; otherwise an additional school fee of one-month must be paid.

Payment & Fee

Please pay the school fee on or before 20th of every semester in order to maintain enrollment; we will charge HK$50 as an administrative fee if no payment has been received by the 30th of the same month. (Full stage school fee needs to be paid no matter how many school holidays in that period)

Photography & Other Media

All the rights of using photos, videos and / or sound recordings by our students are reserved by our school, unless their parents inform us in letter.


All school fees will not be refundable or transferable.